Oncology services
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Oncology services

Oncology skin care services sometimes referred to as post-chemo treatments are therapeutic and customized facial therapy treatments designed to diminish side effects of either medication, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation on the skin.

Oncology Esthetics is a very specialized field of esthetics, where Tychea Skin Care is among a minimum percentage of licensed Estheticians in the US who are certified in this important and life changing concentration. This field is designed specifically for clients who need a little extra TLC who have undergone or are presently undergoing oncology treatment.

What are oncology friendly products?

You might be wondering if having oncology friendly products is important. Yes! It is. For oncology patients it is crucial to be able to care for their skin without having burning or any kind of irritation whatsoever. An oncology patient has ultra sensitive skin. Using non-oncology friendly products can be quite irritating causing unwanted reactions and more sensitivity due to things like synthetic fragrances, dyes and other chemicals added to the products.

Did you know that Tychea Skin Care have a selection of Oncology Friendly products? In the skincare line we have:

  • Green Tea Cleanser
  • ┬áCalendula Toner
  • Calendula Intensive Cream

Go to our online store to see ingredients and benefits of each products.